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House of Thrift Estate Sales is the answer to your complete household and business liquidation needs. All of our estate sales are conducted as online auctions, which provide our clients more exposure to qualified buyers and result in sales 30-50% above traditional estate sales. Eight reasons you may need us...Moving, Relocation, Redecorating, Senior Transitioning, Death in Family, Downsizing, Decluttering or Divorce. Not needing to sell items currently but in the market to buy quality merchandise. Our auctions have something for everyone. You have to check us out!


 House of Thrift Estate Sales

At House Of Thrift, we have been providing our clients with the answer to all their household and business liquidation needs for over three years. All our auctions/sales are conducted online on a state of the art and professional platform. Online auctions provide an expanded audience with more exposure to qualified buyers. Our buyers can participate in auctions on the go. This results in an average of 30-50% increase in proceeds above traditional estate sales. Our selling process makes the sale of your estate easy, hassle free and discreet. We maintain your privacy and this limits the risks and exposure of a traditional sale. We make it our goal to simplify the process for you and maximize your financial returns. 

We offer highly competitive and all-inclusive rates. Since all our auctions are conducted online, Sellers receive an itemized inventory list with their settlement check. We offer transparency and quick settlement. You can follow the auction bidding live and once the sale is complete, our clients receive an itemized inventory list and settlement check within two weeks. We handle everything from cataloging/researching, photography, sorting/staging, marketing/advertising and staffing through sale completion and pick up. 

Our process for getting started is easy. Contact us to schedule a free estate evaluation. We come to your home and evaluate your items and determine what items are up for sale. We will provide a contract with an agreed upon commission and we will work with your schedule to start photography and cataloging. Our online auction and preview lasts for seven days. At the close of the auction, winning bidders are provided with the address and scheduled pick up day and times. On day of pick up, we come back out to your home or business with a crew and handle all aspects of pickup. You receive your settlement within two weeks of close of sale. Check out firsthand why House Of Thrift Estate Sales is the number one choice to sell your new and pre-owned items. Contact us today!


What We Sell:



fine art



business/office liquidations


vintage children's toy/games


decorative arts

silver and gold coins



household goods


recreational vehicles




water crafts

outdoor furniture




vintage clothing

& so much more!!!


Realty and Probate Assistance

Declutter! House Of Thrift Estate Sales is the perfect solution for you!  We help clear the clutter before homes go on the market. Its a win-win for realtors and clients. Homeowners don't need to pay moving and storage fees for things they do not want and realtors sell "show ready" homes faster.  Research shows that decluttered homes command higher prices.


House Of Thrift Sales has experience working with probate attorneys and conservators. Need a true estate solution for making homes market-ready and liquidating entire estates hassle free. We offer unparalleled transparency and quick settlement complete with an itemized inventory list. We can handle any of your estate liquidation needs. Contact us for more details on how we can help you and your clients today!


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Estate Sales with House Of Thrift



Stress Free

 One call can do it all! We start with a complimentary on-site evaluation, during flexible hours scheduled at your convenience. Within 48 hours of the completed evaluation you will receive a customized liquidation proposal. Our commission rates are competitive and all-inclusive, we handle everything from sorting, cataloging, research, staging, photography, marketing, advertising and staff through sale completion & pick up. If you’re happy with the proposal and  wish to proceed with the sale, just sign & return the contract… we do the rest! 


Accessibility & Exposure 

We reach a broader audience - with a traditional estate sale you may be limited to whoever happens to be in the area and willing to invest their time to take the trip and shop the sale. The online format allows bidders to take their time and view all of your items from the comfort of their home, or on the go with mobile devices. Everyone can shop from anywhere at anytime while your sale is live, and can easily be viewed by bidders from a wide geographical range.   Levels the playing field for buyers - aggressive buyers and dealers and the frantic nature of traditional estate sales can intimidate newer or more relaxed buyers. The online auction format allows everyone a chance to see & bid on every item in the sale, and increases the overall revenue of the sale.


Sell More with Increased Revenue 

A traditional estate sale relies solely on the knowledge and expertise of the estate sale company to determine the final pricing, which despite anyone’s best effort is not an exact science. The online auction format opens your items up to a competitive bidding environment in which prices are determined by the consumer, and often exceed expectations due to unforeseeable factors, such as bidders willing to pay more for reasons such as convenience or nostalgia. Plus, the competitive & timed bidding environment tends to excite bidders and drive prices. 
We know… sometimes it’s hard to see Grandma’s favorite mug walk away for $1, but unlike a traditional estate sale, 98-100% of items will sell online, leaving you with more money in your pocket and eliminating the possibility of having 14 tables of miscellaneous “stuff” left over, or having to hire a clean-out contractor after your sale. 


Privacy, Security and Quick Settlement

Not interested in having strangers poking through your property? The online format reduces the likelihood of theft as bidders do not enter the premises during pick up, and if bidders wish to see your items before they bid, they do so in a well staffed, relaxed and controlled preview environment. All payments are made by debit or credit card, pre-approved when bidders register. This eliminates the risk of bad checks & counterfeit cash. Your items are paid for before the buyer’s even arrive to pick up! Since all items are sold online you can follow the bidding live, and once the sale is complete you will receive an itemized inventory list & settlement check within 2 weeks